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The Heritage Group experience

Posted by: The Heritage Group
Posted: September 26, 2019
Categories: Professional Development, Community Partners

The Heritage Group (THG) is a family-owned business that operates a diverse set of impactful companies involved in the transportation infrastructure, environmental services, and specialty chemicals industries.  The business has been growing for almost 90 years and intentionally operates with a long-term philosophy focused on building a safer, more enriching and sustainable world.

The Heritage Group includes more than 40 private companies and 5,400 employees at peak season. THG operates in North America, Europe and Asia and services a customer network that spans the globe. A world-class R&D team (Heritage Research Group) centrally supports many of these portfolio companies and continually works toward tackling big problems and creating new products and businesses for THG and its customers. THG has a culture of innovation, knowledge sharing and talent development that is embodied in by all of its companies.

The Center, The Heritage Group Headquarters

What’s it like to work for Heritage? We interviewed employees across THG to learn about their experiences. 

Rebecca Jones
Technical Customer Coordinator Heritage Environmental Services

Rebecca Jones is a Technical Customer Coordinator for Heritage Environmental Services (HES), working closely with customers to gather information about their waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous. She started her career five years ago as a Lab Tech at a smaller company acquired by HES, and joining Heritage opened the door to more career options and advancement opportunities. “I expressed interest in the Approvals Chemist role, which is a decision-making role with more responsibility, and they gave me the tools I needed to develop the skills for the position,” she said. “They want you to be able to move if you want to, and they’ll give you what you need to get there, whether it’s vertically or horizontally into a different department or business.” Rebecca will start her new role as Approvals Chemist this fall.

Serving as Chief of Staff for Asphalt Materials, Inc. (AMI), Eunice Bang left the finance industry in New York City to come work for THG in Indy. She carries out strategic projects, initiatives and processes for AMI. She’s currently targeting an issue that’s felt across long-standing companies with tenured employees – the recording and consolidation of knowledge. “Many of the employees have been here for more than a decade, and they know the industry and processes inside and out. But eventually they’re going to retire, and while they can train people in the meantime, we really want to capture their knowledge to be able to share it with future generations of the company.” She’s working to unite subject matter experts and younger employees to move the industry forward.

During the 12 years that Justin Patterson has been with Milestone Contractors, what stood out to him the most was opportunities to get involved across THG and the local community. He participated in Milestone’s Developmental Training Program as an intern and became increasingly more involved in leadership and innovation programs, as well as community relations and coaching initiatives. Now as a Manager of Business Development, Justin says THG feels like a family. “Everyone took an interest in me” he said, “when you stay with one company, your circle continues to expand. The opportunities compound on each other, one opening the door to the next. At Heritage, if they know you’re willing to put in the work, they’ll invest in you.”

Pictured from left to right: Chelsea Patterson, Libby Kennedy, Eunice Bang, Brian Ayers, Anni Titchenal, and Justin Patterson at Indyvolved 14

At THG, we’re committed to building our bench and equipping our leaders with the training and tools they need to be successful. Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD), is a three-day program for managers across THG aimed at developing their management style and creating a pathway for both personal and professional growth. Connect, Collaborate, and Innovate (CCI) is aimed to engage future THG leaders to develop leadership skills and complete design-thinking challenges to help tackle the big problems of our customers.

Speaking with Chelsea Patterson, who is focused on our learning and development initiatives, they agreed THG ‘truly encourages experimentation and innovation, and recognizes the importance of every role.’

In the words of THG President Amy Schumacher, “people are our greatest asset. And if people are your greatest asset, you need to invest in them, to develop them, to acknowledge what they bring to bear.”

Learn more about The Heritage Group by visiting our website.

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