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There’s More Good To Do

Posted by: IndyHub
Posted: October 1, 2020
Categories: IndyHub

This we know for sure: Indy is a city that is full of people who are committed to civic engagement, to helping out our neighbors, and to leaving an imprint on the world around us. And even though IndyVolved 15 presented by Indianapolis Power & Light Company is coming to a close, it shouldn’t stop us from continuing to Do Good Often for the rest of 2020 and as we launch into 2021. IndyHub is here for you 24/7, 365. Why? Because, there’s more work to do. 

At the start of September, we set out with a big goal – a month-long celebration of civic engagement to get 20- and 30-somethings involved and making a difference in Indy. And while this 15th annual IndyVolved was a big change from years past, we’re pretty thrilled with the way Indy showed up and rallied together, ready to serve and support our nonprofit community. 

IndyVolved 15 presented by Indianapolis Power & Light Company was jam-packed with experiences and spotlights that amplified more than 100 local nonprofits and their missions. We hosted virtual conversations that explored the issues facing our community and the people on the front lines of the work; put on a virtual workshop that helped young Indy residents plan their philanthropy and get the biggest impact for their time, talent, treasure and network; launched the Do Good Often Giving Bag to encourage donations across organizations in need; and even brought folks together for a few socially-distanced, masked, in-person events. And even if you missed it, you can still participate by checking out the links below.

Uncover the Good with Plat Collective

Every Tuesday and Thursday in September, we connected for conversations with local nonprofit leaders about the work they’re doing, how you can help, and how – together – we’ll keep shaping our city for the future. From nonprofits focused on sports and recreation to food justice and serving youth, we covered a lot of ground and uncovered a lot of good.

Plan Your Impact with Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

We partnered with Megan Hillier-Geisler for a training to help participants harness their inner philanthropist, identify their passions, and grow the intentionality of how they make a difference in our city.

We don’t do your typical swag bag. Ours is all about helping those in need. This project is meant to, yes, look cool, but also to empower a generation of leaders to continue their social good efforts through the simple but powerful act of donating goods and products to those in need. Get your bag and make your donations all year long.

For some, IndyVolved was your first introduction to our city, or maybe just a nudge to finally get involved with an organization you’ve been interested in for quite some time.  We’ve done this work, but there’s always more work to do. As a city, as one community, let’s continue to #DoGoodOften. From our Get Involved – Volunteer Your Way page with volunteer opportunities to The Indianapolis Colts Do Good Often Giving Bag Project that allows you to grow your yearly giving – lean on IndyHub to help you find your cause and leave your mark.

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