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Tyler Wong | 1828 Leadership Project Spotlight

Posted by: IndyHub
Posted: January 12, 2022
Categories: IndyHub

Tyler Wong currently works as a Project Manager and Scrum Master on public sector contracts for Resultant. An Indy transplant from Chicago, Tyler lives with his wife and their two dogs, Oreo and Bizkit.

The 1828 Leadership Project, presented by Citizens Energy Group, is a civic leadership tract for Indy’s young leaders with the goal of fostering intentional relationships with a cross-sector of Indianapolis’ thought leaders and decision makers. Tyler is a part of 1828’s Class XI . Learn more about him below. 

How do you spend your days? For example, you can tell us about your career, side hustle or exercise routine whatever you want to share. We’re ready to listen.

Apart from work I enjoy disc golf and ultimate frisbee, when I’m not doing that you’ll find me at some local breweries enjoying a drink with friends and family.

What made you choose to move to Indianapolis?

Algonquin, Illinois(Chicago suburb) I went to school in Evansville and moved back to Chicago with my then fiance after school. Once we were married we decided to get out of Illinois and Indianapolis was calling our name.

You’re off the clock, there are no expectations. What are you doing?

Playing video games, shooting photos, playing frisbee, hanging out with my wife. One of those things probably not in that order.

When thinking about the future of Indianapolis, what are you most looking forward to in the next 5 years and why?

I’ve only been in Indy for three years and the city has blown up with culture. I’m excited to see that continue to develop and hope to be a part of the cultivation!

Are there any local causes that you support? What are they and how might others learn more or get involved?

I’m looking to get more involved but I do help out the local humane societies and attend a lot of the Edge Mentoring events.

You have a day off and you’re in Indianapolis. Share the agenda for your perfect Indy day. 

First I’d grab brunch at Gallery Pastry Bar and then wander around and find a new spot downtown. For lunch, I’d go to 317 BBQ and then I’d catch an Indians game. Dinner would be at Biryani Hut and then I’d go out to a local bar for a drink – probably Commodore.

Indianapolis is a sprawling county, what’s your favorite part about our city?

I love the different economic pockets across the city. I love that I can get anywhere in 20 minutes. And I love that we truly do put a focus on keeping it local

If you were a superhero what would be your special trait? Why?

Speed. I don’t like waiting for things so I would rather just quickly do it

You’re hosting an Indy-themed dinner party. What three guests are you inviting?

Peyton Manning, a local chef, and Romain Grosjean

How do you define success?

Comfortability and happiness

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

Average human with a mission

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