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Be a VIP at Passport to the Arts

Posted by: Katie Babbitt
Posted: August 11, 2017
Categories: Passport to the Arts, IndyHub

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already familiar with the mission of IndyHub. They have so many programs– from Hello Neighbor to Passport to the Arts– to help each of us (new residents and those born & raised here) become better connected with the city we all love.

I happen to be one of those lucky born & raised Indianapolis residents, and LOVE. THIS. CITY. The reasons are obvious: Indianapolis is dynamic, thriving and steeped in culture. And as we all know, IndyHub brings people together– by creating connections and allowing everyone to find their own place in this city.

As a single thirty-something, many of my night and weekend activities take place in downtown Indianapolis and surrounding neighborhoods, so I would likely consider myself an expert on what to see, things to do and where to grab dinner or a craft cocktail (foodies unite)!

Even as a self-proclaimed expert, IndyHub has taught me so much about my incredible city. Take Passport to the Arts, for example. I purchased my season ticket for the winter series in 2017. For less than $100, you have three opportunities to connect with neighbors, view exclusive art experiences and get behind-the-scenes knowledge at each. Even as a board member who believes deeply in IndyHub programming, they still managed to exceed all my expectations with the Passport to the Arts series.

The IndyHub team (Molly, Karissa, Ashley and Laura) know you by name, treat you like a VIP and make sure you have everything you need. By gathering together for three separate experiences, you make connections with other like-minded professionals and get to know these four amazing women– their energy for all things Indy is contagious!

The winter series consisted of performances at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Athenaeum and the Phoenix Theatre. Passport to the Arts allowed me to fall in love all over again with the venues I already adored (the ISO and the Athenaeum) and discover something new (the Phoenix Theatre). Each performance leaves you wanting more and feeling grateful to live in a city that pours its heart and soul into the arts and culture scene.

Passport to the Arts Season 9 | Fall Series just went on sale! And the line-up looks incredible! With three VIP experiences at Dance Kaleidoscope, Indianapolis Art Center and the Arts Council’s Gallery 924, I guarantee you will be just as rewarded and fulfilled as I was.

Between Beatles lovers, Vonnegut fans and people who like to get their hands dirty with the arts, the Fall Series has it covered. There are only 100 Passports available, so buy yours today!

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