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Want to get to know your neighbors? Play Indy City Futbol.

Posted by: Laura Granieri
Posted: April 13, 2018
Categories: Sports & Recreation

Four summers ago, Big Car Collaborative and Indy Eleven launched Indy City Futbol. Modeled after a similar program in Detroit, Indy City Futbol connects communities and neighbors through soccer. Now in its fifth year, the league includes 18 neighborhood teams and hundreds of players.

Plenty of young professionals look to outdoor rec leagues when the weather turns nice. It’s the perfect way to meet new people, let off some steam from work, and add a little physical activity to your routine. But what if your teammates were your next-door-neighbors? Bumping into them outside of games is bound to happen. Living in a community is much more meaningful when you know your neighbors.

Our city’s neighborhoods are unique and the Indy City Futbol teams are truly reflective of our diverse communities. Not only that, but when we’re done playing on the field, we like to do good, too. That’s why volunteer projects are incentivized– to get players engaged and ingrained in Indy. It’s also a bonus if players carpool to games or use friendly modes of transportation like riding their bikes or taking IndyGo to the field.

This adult league is perfect for amateurs (um, hi) and also those who’ve been playing for years and years. [Sidenote: if you’re really, really good and just looking to dominate the field, I’m going to direct you over to our friends at CCA. 😉 ] We’re all competitive and like to have fun, but when it’s all said and done, this league is about winning together.

We play out at Indy Parks Central Greens turf field on the westside, which is tops. Through sponsorships, ICF was able to purchase goals for the field that sees use outside of games. On any given day, you’ll see kids from the neighborhood out there having a blast. ICF is proud to be able to support the westside through partnerships with Indy Parks and other local organizations.

So if you’re into soccer or just like hanging out with your neighbors (or maybe both), Indy City Futbol is perfect for you.  If you don’t see your neighborhood, there’s a few spots on each team for people who live in other ‘hoods around Indy. And guess what: I’ve got a special code to get you a discount.

You heard me! Use the code INDYHUB when registering to get $20 off (you’re welcome). See you on the field.

PS- Each team has a twitter account, and things get interesting once the season starts.

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